Friday, October 19, 2007

Vintage Boss Magazine

Vintage Boss Magazine, like the history of the Jamaican people is one of struggle, determination and great ambition. Then again, Vintage Boss Magazine is about the Jamaican people. A people with a great cultural heritage, influenced by the events to have impacted their lives, both negatively and positively. Perhaps, the most unfortunate aspect of this cultural heritage is the under documentation and the absolute neglect and lack of appreciation for it. And despite that the Jamaican cultural influence on the world stage is on par with, or surpasses that of many so called developed countries.
One of Jamaica's greatest sons, the Most honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey sums up the situation well with his words, saying, "A nation without a knowledge of it's past history, is like a tree without root". Even more serious, and more dangerous is the fact that some of the most important players, innovators and creators of the cultural heritage have passed away without their story being told and some of those who are still around are not mentally capable of divulging the most accurate information. So with this, comes the urgent rush to capture as much as possible in the shortest possible time. On this notion, Vintage Boss Magazine was launched in May 2002. Despite all the odds and very little financial support along with lack of sponsorship and advertisement, there would have been a great struggle. And so it is. The most economical and innovative methods had to be found, hence the primitive hand made method was used and from the responses coming from the readers worldwide, the method connected well. In fact, many readers are suggesting that the old rustic looking feature should remain.
Although not available, Vintage Boss Magazine continues in the monthly draft form and after 17 monthly released issues and a few special issues, there are now some 50 monthly issues and 10 special issues to be released, starting in January 2008. Readers will come to appreciate the new and improved Vintage Boss Magazine and the very attractive new price and more unbelievable graphics depicting what really went on during the early years. More research also went on during this dormant period, resulting in further features being done on some of the already featured subjects'.
It is interesting to note that some issues will carry features of subjects who have passed away since and who did not even get the chance to see and read their own features. This serves to highlight the point being made that the players in the great cultural heritage are passing away even faster than they can be caught in order to have their story told. Some of those to have passed are: Neville Willoughby, Clancy Eccles, Jennifer Lara, Alerth Bedasse, Egerton Koo (Lord Koos The Universe, Count Sticky, Roy Richards and Brent Dowe.
Online checks shows evidence of unauthorized duplication of Vintage Boss Magazine and this is based on the less than half reduced price for which the magazine is being advertised. The only authorized distributor of Vintage Boss Magazine was Ernie B. Distributors in California. As investigation into this matter goes on, readers are being asked to support the legitimate purchase of the product and to report anything contrary to that.
The dvd documentary series was launched this year and it too like the Magazine started off reflecting a low budget production, as it relates to the first eight issues. An old beaten up analog camera was the only kind available. However, vast improvement is in the making with the use of more modern equipment.

Colby Graham

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