Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Great King Stitt

For more than 50 years he is known in the annals of Jamaica's musical heritage as one of the legends.
Born with a disfigured face, King Stitt, whose real name is Winston Sparks, actually started out as a dancer and later ventured into the sound system business. He initially moved around the `Lord Koos,The Universe` sound system and eventually became one of the disc-jockeys , until the late Sir Coxsone, borrowed him and Stitt remained with Sir Coxsone until his death in 2004, according to the late Egerton Koo, who owned Lord Koos The Universe sound system.
Known as the `Ugly One` he was honoured on Labour Day by other greats in the music fraternity, the likes of Bunny Goodison, Winston `Merritone` Blake and Haggie Thomas, owner of the Afrique Pub (formerly J. Wray & Nephew Bar), located at the bottom of King Street. Many accolades were bestowed upon the man who is also regarded as one the most knowledgeable in the business.
Hail to the great King Stitt.
Vintage Boss.

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