Friday, May 25, 2007

Vintage Boss Productions

The preservation and documentation of Jamaica's cultural past continues to be of grave concern, especially to those who have had a passion and interest in this matter. Vintage Boss Productions, has for the past six years, dedicated to the cause of going the depths in unearthing this rich cultural heritage.
Through the Vintage Boss Magazine, incepted in May 2002 and the never before seen graphics of vital aspects of the past, there has been renewed interest in our colourful heritage. Perhaps the most critical part of the work surrounds the garnering of important data from the creators and players who are well up in age and who are passing away at a rapid rate. And too, there are those whose memory loss has rendered their worth useless, sadly but true.
With over 60 issues of the magazine along with a dozen dvd documentary features, things are set to take off. Financial constrain has adversely affected the publishing, nonetheless the creation of monthly issues continues and these will now be available.
Colby Graham


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Anonymous said...

GREAT work your doing Colby, i am so glad that someone in Jamaica has taken the time and effort to do this vital job which is of national(+international) importance. Your work is so valuable, i wish you where funded to do this job...Thanks for doing all this great work.. i see no posts in a long time, i hope your well and still filming....please get in touch if you read this, it's Pete in UK....ONE LOVE