Saturday, June 9, 2007

`Boysie Blue` The Alphanso Castro Story.

Alphanso Castro is a very colourful character from the yesteryears until this day. From the early 1960s he was one of Jamaica's most popular dancers, earning his fame by way of the popular 1960s swinging programme, `Teenage Dance Party`. A product of Kingston's rich inner city community of Whaltham Park, Alphanso displayed an early knock for dancing, having been influenced by his father,a musician and port worker from the early Bustamante Industrial Trade Union, era.
Other noted Jamaican dancers such as Captain Fish & Willy, Persian, Sparky & Pluggy and Pam Pam also influenced Alphanso who was known as `Boysie Blue`during his childhood years. Another influence in his life was his mother who was a good dancer and a promoter of cultural events such as Maypole contest. His versatility as a showman took him beyond dancing and into live music with the Carlos Malcolm & The Afro-Jamaican Rhythm Band, as a percussionist and backup singer. For many years he toured with the band all over the Caribbean and North America, sharing the bandstand with others such as Lascelles Perkins, Derrick Harriott, Boris Gardiner, Carl `Cannonball` Bryan and Trevor Lopez. In 1964 he was part of the dynamic team of Jamaican representatives to the Worlds Trade Fair in New York.
In 1966 Alphanso migrated to the United States and continued where he left off in Jamaica. He worked out with Bumps Jackson's & The Caps aggregation as well with Monty Alexander's aggregation at the Riverboat Club, situated under the famous Empire State Building. For nearly 20 years he worked in the airline industry with Pam-Am and National Airlines, both stationed at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. Now retired, he still finds time to make guest appearances at events in and around the New York area. Alphanso currently lives in Long Island, N.Y.
Soon to be released. The DVD series,`Boysie Blue` The Alphanso Castro Story,

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