Monday, June 18, 2007

The Gentle Matriarch: The Patricia Chin Story

Patricia Chin, affectionately called Miss Pat is considered to be one of the mothers of Jamaica's music. In 1958 Miss Pat started out along with her husband, the late Vincent 'Randy's Chin who was then an employee with the Issa Brothers. Vincent worked as a juke box technician with the Issa's and later came up with the idea of purchasing from them, the old records being replaced in the juke boxes, and began selling those records at a shop located at 18 East Street, downtown Kingston.
Mis Pat became the driving force behind the operation which later outgrew the East Street location and resulted in a new location be accessed at 17 North Parade. With a restaurant and record shop being firmly established, 17 North Parade became known as 'Randy's Record Mart' and giant in Jamaica's great musical heritage. The Chins added a recording studio in 1968 and further cemented their stake and contribution in Jamaica's recording industry.
In 1979 they moved the operation to Queens, New York and renamed it VP Records and over the years have propelled Jamaica's music to the highest heights. 'The Leader In Reggae Music'. Vincent passed away in 2003 and with the help of her children, Miss Pat became a true matriarch of Jamaica's music. Miss Pat, has over the last couple of of years ventured into clothing, launching the 'top notched' line called 'Riddim Driven'.
A warm, inspiring and Godly woman, she was awarded the Oder of Distinction (OD) by the Government of Jamaica in 2006, a fitting gesture to a most remarkable human being.
Now available on DVD, 'The Gentle Matriarch': The Patricia Chin Story.


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