Friday, June 1, 2007

Roy Richards Passed On

The blind genius Roy Richards passed away on Friday May 25, 2007 at his home in Saint Ann, Jamaica. Small in stature and blind since birth in 1941, Roy emerged out of the late 1950s (1959) when he copped the first prize numerous times blowing his harmonica on the popular Opportunity Hour talent show hosted by Vere Johns and his wife, Lillian.
Roy, like other winners at the time then went straight into recording when he went to Vincent Randy's Chin and Sir Coxsone and did several recording backings with his trademark harmonica. His vocal ability was brought to the fore and Roy teamed with Paulette March, to record several top pieces. He also teamed up with Enid Cumberland (Keith and Enid fame). Throughout the 1960s he worked out with Byron Lee and the Dragaonaires Band and even formed his own, Roy Richards and The Ramblers Band.
Though not as versatile a harmonica player as the great Charles `Charlie Organiare` Cameron, Roy thrilled thousands in his lifetime and copped the Popular Song Contest(formerly Festival Song Contest) in 2001 with the catchy song called `Lift up Jamaica`.
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